Our cleaning agents are now in stock in Rotterdam.

As something new, we can offer delivery directly from our own warehouse in Rotterdam.
Rotterdam is the center for maritime traffic in Europe.
The warehouse gives our customers significantly better access to our cleaning products and better delivery.
We are proud that the increased demand means that KEMILUX now has its own stock in central Europe.
Contact one of our sales representatives or distributors for service.


KEMILUX is a Faroese company that since 1965 has offered a growing range of quality detergents/cleaning agents for an industrial or marine environment.

Kemilux has had great success over the years selling S-1 EXTRA for heavy duty cleaning. S-1 EXTRA cleans all ships surfaces from the machine room to the bridge. Kemilux has further developed this noteworthy cleaning agent to live up to the requirements of the Danish Veterinary Directorate, so that it also can be used in  the manufacturing machines of the food industry. This approved heavy duty  cleaning agent is called S-2 EXTRA.

Close interaction with the Faroese fishing industry has been and still is a driving force for Kemilux in the development of its products. 

A wide choice of cleaning products can be obtained from Kemilux, from heavy duty cleaning agents of ship's decs to specific products specifically developed for the demanding food processing industry. 

Kemilux supplies RUST SOLVENT and RUST WASH for outside maintenance. Rust stains on painted surfaces can be treated and rinsed off with water. This is a great advantage on board ships and elsewhere, where maintenance requires a lot of manpower.

On all modern fishing boats, there are all types of cleaning requirements that can only be dealt with by a modern product range. This is what Kemilux unfailingly delivers.

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